Get Brain Drilled To The New LOCK UP!

It's been 8 YEARS! since the last time we got new material from Swedish grind crushers LOCK UP, featuring the one and only TOMAS "TOMPA" LINDBERG of At The Gates, Nightrage, Disfear (and many other badass mother f'in bands), Shane Embury (Napalm Death) and Nick Barker (Dimmu Borgir, EX-Cradle of Filth).

The song is titled "
Life of Devastation," which is set to appear on a split "7-inch" single with Misery Index. I'm already voting it to be the heaviest split of 2011, if not in the history of humanity. You've got LOCK UP on one side and the other you've got MISERY INDEX!!

(Ed note: In case you've been living under a metaphorical "grindcore" rock, this song should explain what kind of craftsmen MISERY INDEX are.)

As if that's not heavy as f'ness enough, AT THE GATES are now confirmed for Metaltown (Gothenburg, Sweden) taking place on June 17-18. With a few more select dates to be announced. Comments the band:

"AT THE GATES will do a limited run of select shows in 2011. Simply put, we had the time of our lives during the 2008 reunion and have decided to do a couple of more shows. Although we won't be touring extensively, and we stick to the initial promise of not making any more music."

[For booking, contact tobbelorentz [ at ] theagencygroup [ dot ] com]

I'm already liking 2011, a whole lot more than 2010.

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