Help Ne Obliviscaris Get Their Guitarist Back!

Austrailian progressive/melodic black metal band Ne Obliviscaris have been facing an issue many bands are plagued with in today's international metal scene. The band's guitarist Benjamin Barret (who's originally from France) was rejected a permit to stay in Australia on a ‘Distinguished Talent' visa after a 14 month wait.

Back in 2009 the band held a fundraising show in Melbourne (Australia) called ‘Festival De La Grenouille’ (Festival of the Frog) which raised the several thousand dollars required to apply for a ‘Distinguished Talent’ visa for Benjamin to stay in Australia long term.

The band is currently finishing up work on their debut full length album, that's in the final stages of mixing, and should be ready soon. This leaves the band in a very vulnerable position, as they have made it clear that they do not wish to go on without Benjamin.

At present Benji is in France, without a valid visa to come back to Australia, and realistically we don’t know when he’ll be able to return.

Without Benji as our lead guitarist it would be very difficult for Ne Obliviscaris to continue. You can read the entire post here.

The band decided to take their case to the people that will actually help them. The fans and the metal community. By asking everyone from around the world that is a fan of Ne Obliviscaris, or believes that their cause is just, to sign their petition at this link:

If you would like to know more information on how you can help Ne Obliviscaris, you can send an e-mail to save.neobliviscaris[ at ] gmail [ dot ] com

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  1. Just had signed the petition!

  2. How ridiculous! Ne Obliviscaris are an amazing band, and I'm definitely signing the petition.