Earache Records is pleased to announce the launch of INTO THE PIT, a digital-only series of live albums which is available exclusively on iTunes.

INTO THE PIT features live recordings of both new and classic bands from the Earache roster, including the likes of AT THE GATES, NAPALM DEATH, DEICIDE, CULT OF LUNA, EVILE and more.

Almost all of these albums have never been available on audio format before, with recordings taken from various festival appearances, special performances and club shows throughout the years, ranging from recent live shows to rare recordings of gigs from the bands' early days. The only place to get these legendary live performances is on iTunes.

Get the INTO THE PIT iTunes-exclusive live albums now by heading to Earache.com

The INTO THE PIT series will also be housed together on one page on the iTunes store from December 21st. Head to the 'Metal' page on the iTunes store on that day to see the entire collection.

The INTO THE PIT live series features the following albums:

  • Cult Of Luna - Live at the Scala
  • At The Gates - Live in Krakow
  • Mortiis - Live in London
  • Napalm Death - Live at Rock City
  • Linea 77 - Live at MTV Day
  • Deicide - When London Burns
  • The Haunted - Live in Malmo
  • Society 1 - Live in LA
  • Cathedral - Live in London
  • Bolt Thrower - Live War
  • The Berzerker - Live in London
  • Hate Eternal - Live in London
  • Deicide - Doomsday LA
  • Linea 77 - Live at TPO
  • SSS - Live in Liverpool
  • Evile - Live at Hammerfest
  • Deicide - Live in Nottingham

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