Mike Portnoy: "Sadly My Time With AVENGED SEVENFOLD Has Come To An End"

It appears that the way Dream Theater and Mike Portnoy handled their split, resulted in Avenged Sevenfold ending their run with the drumming icon.

In a recent interview with The Pulse of Radio, Avenged Sevenfold front man M. Shadows, said that the band was not too happy about how Mike handled his split with his former bandmates, which ultimately resulted in causing tension between Avenged Sevenfold and Mike.
"We felt that maybe both parties could have handled it a little more internally without being so press release-happy about what had happened between them. Because we're a band that, really, when it comes to news all over web sites or this or that about bands, you know, we don't tweet much, we don't try to put ourselves out that much, and all the drama and controversy wasn't something that we wanted at all."

Portnoy posted the following message on his official site, breaking the news to his fans:

"Yes, the rumours are true...sadly my time with Avenged Sevenfold has come to an end...

The band has decided to carry on into 2011 without me...I had a great time with them throughout 2010, but it was their choice to end the relationship at the end of 2010 as was always the initial plan....

I had an awesome time on stage with the guys every night and have so many cool memories from the experience with them...I am proud to always be part of the A7X family and history.

I also adore the A7X fans and totally appreciate the way they welcomed me aboard and were so loving and supportive during my time with the band...thank you!

As far as my future, I am excited by the endless musical possibilities that lie ahead of me...my love for music runs very deep and my taste is very broad and ecclectic which will give me the chance to explore many different things and collaborate with many great friends and artists I admire and respect...

Happy Holidaze to you all and c-ya in the New Year,"

I don't want to say it, but seems like one person got the short end of the stick, out of all this Dream Theater/Avenged Sevenfold drama.

[Interview Source: Blabbermouth]

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