Skrypt - Discord EP [Review]

Band: Skrypt

Album: Discord

Genre: Progressive Thrash Metal

Released: 2010

Label: Self Released

Reviewer: Karim Tarek

Coming across an Indian band isn’t something that I do everyday. I know there are a lot of good bands out there but it’s not frequently that I hear of a good one though. However, after my interesting voyage through Demonic Resurrection’s stuff, comes this band (Skrypt) with their EP entitled “Discord” to give me a fairly good dosage of Thrash, technicality, groove and aggression.

Skrypt is a native Indian band that was based in Hyderabad, and founded in the year 2006. They keep in score that they’re the only Indian Metal band with a female guitarist (Ramya Rao). After a couple of successful live shows (they are an active band in terms of live shows), they decided to enter the studio and embody their ideas and material into an EP CD which is “Discord”.

Frankly speaking, what they play is quite a bit different from my cup of tea, yet I did find it interesting giving them their shot. They play a crafty blend that combines elements of badass Thrash Metal with their counterparts of Groove Metal with a good sense of technicality, some speed, melody and a lot of growling and groove. I reckon they’re heavily influenced by some Death Metal.

Discord”, a four-track EP, starts off with quite a stunner, which is ‘Artifice’; the song holds on a great indication of skillfulness, subtlety and good taste. Touches like the subdued distorted opening, the part from 0:51 to 1:00 and the great variation of vocals tells you from the very beginning of your listening to the EP that you actually have to pay attention to what you’re listening to because you’ve just stumbled upon some serious guys over here!

Solos on “Discord” are utterly exquisite; they give you the image of both guitarists (Ramya Rao and Ravi Nidamarthy) giving you the “Take that!” face and showing off their skills of both rhythm and lead guitars, because they’re actually so congruous on the record. Clean guitars on ‘Anathema’ and ‘Supremacy” as well as the dexterous usage of soundbites plus the opening of ‘Constructing the Absolute’ and most of the riffs on ‘Supremacy’ are also things that are worth pointing out.

Turn-offs about “Discord” include the remarkably poor production that could be a turn-on for an Old School Death Metal album, but not for “Discord”. It’s also safe to complain about… Hmm, well, I don’t think there’s anything else to complain about.

Overall, “Skrypt” is a promising newcomer of the realms of Thrash/Groove that you should give a listen right now while they’re still small so, in the future, you can keep in score that you had heard them long time ago.

Highlights: ‘Artifice’ and ‘Supremacy’.

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