TIMES OF GRACE Post New Song "LIVE IN LOVE" Exclusively On Facebook

TIMES OF GRACE, the crushing new project from Adam D. and Jesse Leach (Former Killswitch Engage vocalist) have released a brand song exclusveily on their Facebook page.

The song is titled "Live in Love" and has a similar opener to a certain Killswitch song (I'd rather not point out), but utilizes Jesse Leach's monstrous vocals.

This one's certainly a treat for old school Killswitch fans. I've been raving over Times of Grace for the past couple of months, mainly because I'm a diehard "Alive or Just Breathing" fan. This project is like a "what if they stuck together" release, and the end result is defiantly solid. Even if I still miss those "pissed at the entire universe, spit in your face, stomp you in the gut, and leave you in the dirt" lyrics, that Jesse nailed on AOB. The release is diverse as hell and certainly gives way for Adam and Jesse to explore their musicianship in all sorts of new ways.

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