ADEMA's MARK CHAVEZ Bails on Band Once Again

I had no idea ADEMA are still active. Last I heard of them was back in 2005 when they released an album with a new vocalist.

Apparently the band reunited with former vocalist Mark Chavez back in August 2009, with plans for a new record. And announced that original guitarist Mike Ransom would also be returning to the fold, but later revealed that he joined Black Heart Vacancy instead.

It appears as though, Mark Chavez has abruptly left the band right before their 2011 tour. Leaving guitarist Tim Fluckey and bassist David DeRoo to handle vocal duties.

Watch fan-filmed footage of a recent ADEMA performance below:

[Source: Blabbermouth]

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  1. what the...... come on, you made it together. stay together. No one can do it alone.