ANDREAS KISSER Says SEPULTURA Reunion "Is Not Impossible" - Metal heads Around The World Facepalm

Apparently ANDREAS KISSER is now stating that a SEPULTURA reunion with the original line up is not impossible; just after a few weeks ago, when the band uploaded a video, specifically indicating that a Sepultura reunion "Will NOT Happen."

Andreas is now claiming that it's "not impossible," but can't just be done for the sole purpose of a "reunion." Stating that it has to be done right. Further stating: "Max has been talking a lot about this reunion [in recent interviews], perhaps because his other bands, CAVALERA CONSPIRACY and SOULFLY, are not as good as SEPULTURA."

What it really sounds like, is a bad case of egos colliding (and dollar signs ultimately ruling). If a SEPULTURA reunion ever does happen. It'll probably end up being a very awkward one. How about we forget all this media back talk, and get excited about the new CAVALERA CONSPIRACY album instead.

[Source: Blabbermouth]

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  1. It's all about money my friend,as soon as they agree with that,we're going to have the old line up back!