APOCALYPTICA In Double Trouble

http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_Uq88KCPTbPs/TSnsEJDK7iI/AAAAAAAAF0Q/6tTScSkwMpo/s1600/Apocalyptica.jpgTough start for the new year, for Finnish cello rockers Apocalyptica. Less than a week ago, the band was forced to pull SHINEDOWN vocalist Brent Smith's vocals off their latest single "Not Strong Enough" for it's radio premier. As the band failed to secure the rights to use it on radio from SHINEDOWN's label Atlantic Records. And are now featuring the same track, but with HOOBASTANK's Doug Robb. [Ed note: things must be extremely bad at camp Apocalyptica]

And it didn't end there, a couple of days later the band had to pay €45,000 to German industrial metal icon
Till Lindemann (RAMMSTEIN) for trademark infringement. Due to a German advertising campaign, that apparently sold Apocalyptica's 2007 release, "Worlds Collide" with a sticker indicating that the album featured RAMMSTEIN, instead of only stating that vocalist Till Lindemann was the one featured.

[Source: Metalstorm]

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