SETH MEYERS Says Metalheads Don't Care About Their Brains

This isn't really news. But it's still interesting to point out.

I was watching a re-run of a recent SNL episode (hosted by Jim Carrey), where they featured a short piece about a research concerning metalheads. The news piece was about how "people attending heavy metal concerts can give themselves brain damage if they move their heads more than 75 degrees while keeping beat with the music"

Seth Meyers then went on to jokingly state:

"Cuz if there are two things metal heads are good at, it’s geometry and caring about what happens to their brains."

I remember reading about a study made by the British Medical Journal a couple of years back, that got me cracking up a bit. And it seems to be the same research being talked about in the clip below. The study suggests that headbanging could result in serious injuries. And offered a few ways of reducing the chances of any happening. Like:

"To headbang to slower songs, particularly to adult-oriented rock"
[Ed note: because when I think headbanging and circle pits, the first band to go to is The Fray.]

"To only headbang to every other beat"
[Ed note: don't be silly.]

"And to wear protective equipment"
[Ed note: now this one is just asking you to get your ass kicked.]

Saturday Night Live have certainly featured more heavy metal related sketches recently. Such as Betty White's death metal sketch on Mother's Day.

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