SUFFER WELL Announces Worldwide Record Deal With CENTURY MEDIA RECORDS

Sometimes some of the most creative music is derived from the combination of artists from different spectrums of the music world. One such band has undoubtedly created a sound for themselves and caught the attention of Century Media Records recently. Mick Kenney is a highly respected titan of vitriolic underground metal in the form of his legendary band ANAAL NATHRAKH and Brandan Schieppati is best known as the curator of BLEEDING THROUGH, one of the most aggressive and innovative American metal bands in recent memory.

Now these two virtuosos have teamed up to form SUFFER WELL (formerly Sorrows) and the result is a hammer-to-the-skull exercise in guitar coupled with live-wire electronics and topped off with both Schieppati's unmistakable bloody bark and a surprisingly melodic sensibility. The duo has inked a deal with Century Media Records , making sure that this truly epic LP will see a worldwide release in 2011. Fans have the opportunity to visit the official MySpace page for a chance to hear a brand new track, "SUFFER WELLTreachery" from the upcoming full length. (

"I wanted to stay away from what was 'expected'," says British native Kenney. "I wanted to create music that broke the rules and could not be described as falling into a particular genre. I wrote this from the heart." SUFFER WELL is already in rehearsal for what will be a busy touring schedule in 2011 alongside a live band that features former members of 18 Visions and Combichrist.

"SUFFER WELL has elements from both of our other bands but with its own identity and uniqueness," states Brandan. "I can't wait for people to hear and see what we've created."

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