TESSERACT Announces 'One' Details; Launches Forum at Got-Djent.com


TESSERACT is gearing up to unleash the first metal masterpiece of 2011 as their debut album 'One' will be released on March 22nd. The full length follows last year's heralded 'Concealing Fate' EP and also includes a bonus DVD that features 'Concealing Fate' being performed live in the studio - no overdubs, no re-recording, just pure and raw - the way music was meant to be. The audio for the DVD will be available in stereo and a 5.1 surround sound mix. The DVD also features interviews and footage from the band's recent US. Bassist Amos Williams comments:

"Ever since we first started performing and recording, we've always wanted to explore the idea of surround sound. The density and layers of TesseracT's music lends itself perfectly to multichannel sound. So, we came up with the idea of filming and recording 'Concealing Fate' in 5.1 surround sound for a special DVD that would come as standard with the album release. It's really great for us to show you guys the evolution of the songs as they've grown slightly since we've started touring them. There is absolutely nothing better than the energy and euphoria of live music and hopefully with this DVD we've helped represent that. We enjoyed the experience and the result so much that we may just do the next album like this too!

TESSERACT has also teamed with leading Djent site Got-Djent.com to open the official TesseracT Q&A Forum. That's right, now fans can log on to Got-Djent.com and talk to the band about anything you want. The entire band will be online periodically to answer questions and talk to fans. Check it out now: http://got-djent.com/forums/tesseract-qa

TesseracT 'One' Official Album Track Listing:
  1. Lament
  2. Nascent
  3. Acceptance - Concealing Fate Part One
  4. Deception - Concealing Fate Part Two
  5. The Impossible - Concealing Fate Part Three
  6. Perfection - Concealing Fate Part Four
  7. Epiphany - Concealing Fate Part Five
  8. Origin - Concealing Fate Part Six
  9. Sunrise
  10. April
  11. Eden

TesseracT 'One' Bonus DVD Track Listing:

  1. Concealing Fate Parts I-VI recorded live, Stereo and 5.1 Surround Sound mix
  2. Band interviews
  3. Tour footage from their recent North American tour
  4. And more!

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