AXL ROSE Shuts Down Any Chances of An Actual GUNS N' ROSES Reunion (Like It's Ever Going To Happen)

AXL ROSE responded to SLASH's recent statement concerning a possible reunion of the original GUNS N' ROSES line-up; only if Axl would apologize for the infamous falling out between the two in the 90s. Instead, Axl decided to reaffirm that no such plan would happen.
"Contrary to anyone's claims there are no concrete plans nor were there ever for a tour, a relaunch or sponsors (n' certainly not to replace anyone in the band) beyond a collection of random ideas thrown out by various individuals w/out any real foundation or negotiations in place other than our prior involvements (which wouldn't take a rocket scientist to put together). And 4 the record Doc McGhee is no longer involved w/either myself or GN'R."

Maybe the next GNR record could be called "Ultimate Supremacy."


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  1. Grow up, Go and have a good time together on the road like it was when you played play by night bands. Maybe seven experience it that way. Be old school for a year. Shit I am in my early 40's. Like is too short to stick your head in the sand. Let it go one more time!!!  Rolling Stones have been on their final tour since 1991. 20 years.