During our short break, one of our favorite go-to sites for quality heavy metal interviews, BARE BONES MUSIC NETWORK have been interviewing a slew of killer bands lately. We thought instead of posting multiple press releases for each interview, we would round them up in a nice post. Here goes: recently caught up with Mike Martin of ALL THAT REMAINS on the current Jägermeister Music Tour. Pandie Suicide sat down with Mike at a stop in MN. Mike spoke about the tour and the bands they are playing with including Hellyeah, The Damned Things and Buckcherry and how the different styles of bands mix, the crowd response to the shows, and how the winter weather has affected the tour. He also talks about being in Chicago and shooting the bands next video for the single "The Last Time," off of their latest CD, For We Are Many. Finally Mike discusses the bands latest album, fans reactions to the tracks, working again with Adam D. as producer, his annoyance that so many records these days are judged by one song due to attention spans being so short and wraps up with what ALL THAT REMAINS has planned for 2011. sat down recently with Joe Trohman and Rob Caggiano from the band THE DAMNED THINGS. We caught up with them on their current leg of the Jägermeister Music Tour with Buckcherry, All That Remains and Hellyeah in support of their first release Ironiclast. Evil G. spoke with the guys about when starting the band what the initial reaction was from industry insiders and how hard was it for them to be taken seriously. How the band because a three guitar band with addition of Rob and making it work and how Rob and Joe's working relationship took the band from side project to full blown band. How the band worked on achieving a sound that didn't lean toward an Anthrax, or Fall Out BoyEvery Time I Die sound and created their own style and the complexities involved in their songs. How Keith developed as a singer on this record and not just a well known screamer. Reactions from fans of The Damned Things and not just from their other band's fans and playing their first show. Finally Joe sums up the sound of the band as having, "a lot of fuck" in their music and a very interesting take on the type of people who might not "get" their band. Rob adds, "I think anyone that's in to good rock 'n' roll is going to dig this band." sat down recently with Mark Osegueda (vocals) and Rob Cavestany (guitar) of DEATH ANGEL on their "Relentless Retribution" Tour. The guys spoke about what drove the aggressive tone and attitude on their current album Relentless Retribution, the support from a younger audience for the classic thrash sound and why people are drawn to it today as much as when it first began. Rob and Mark discuss working with producer Jason Suecof and why fighting for a softer song like "Volcanic" is so important for a Death Angel record. Finally they talk about just coming off the 70,000 Tons of Metal Cruise and what the band has in store for 2011. Plus plenty of live performance footage. sat down recently with Jeff Paulick (vocals/bass) of the band LAZARUS A.D. We caught up with them just days after the official release of their sophomore album, Black Rivers Flow, and on tour with Death Angel and Bonded By Blood. Before we sat down with Jeff the band had endured 2 days stuck in Cleveland, OH with a broken down bus and running late for that nights show in Louisville, KY. Jeff sat down with Evil G. and discussed the pressures of writing and recording the follow-up to their successful debut, Onslaught, the risks they took in the ten weeks it took to record the album and what the expected backlash might be from die hard thrash fans that might follow due to a more dynamic, less thrash approach to the new songs. Jeff also talks about the inspirations behind the record and the tragedies the band suffered just a week prior to heading into the studio and how it affected the band and their songs. Jeff describes a better term than “more mature” for the new record and how they have grown since their debut, working again with producer Chris Wisco, tackling vocals and harmonies this time round and experimenting in the studio. Jeff finally expresses how tired his is at all the separation within the metal community and the hate that gets spewed over the internet about “this” band or “that” band but ultimately Jeff expresses how happy the band is with Black Rivers Flow and how well it’s going over live and the actual positive fan reaction and the confidence it gives the band moving forward.

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