"I Have No Problem Changing “Mode” From Brutal To Progressive" Metality.net Interviews Christian Netzell

[By: Karim Tarek]

If you’re somewhat into Swedish Death Metal and have been following up lately, I’m pretty sure you’re familiar with our guest. Christan Netzell is a renowned half-man-and-half-machine drummer around the Swedish Death Metal scene, he’s mostly known for his work with eminent Progressive Death Metallers In Mourning and Technical Death Metal beasts Volturyon.

Last year has been a busy one for him in terms of In Mourning, releasing the sophomore masterpiece “Monolith”, witnessing its large-scale success, and playing a lot of gigs in promotion of it across Europe, most prominent of which were probably the ones with Norwegian Black Metallers Keep Of Kalessin. However, here comes a new year with new ambitions, new goals, new prospects, and a new agenda; this year is more of a Volturyon year actually, getting ready to release the follow-up to the 2008 pukka Death Metal blast “Blood Cure” later this month, and having already confirmed a couple of gigs to take place in Ireland during May.

Christian Netzel
kindly gave Metality some of his time to talk about the upcoming Volturyon album, the wide success of In Mourning, and a couple of other things.

Karim Tarek: First of all, we’re glad having you here. Thanks for this pleasant opportunity and welcome to Metality.

Christian Netzel: Thank you very much Karim, glad to be here!

Last year was quite a milestone for you and In Mourning having released “Monolith” via Pulverised Records. I sensed a lot of success and positive reception accompanying this album in particular. Tell us more about “Monolith” and how was the feedback you received regarding it.

Christian: As our debut album “Shrouded Divine” we’re so well received and got killer reviews all over it was kind of a scary feeling that appeared when the release date for “Monolith” was drawing near. We were really happy with the result of our new album but it’s always hard to know what to expect from people with a new release. I think in general ”Monolith” took more time for people to get into and understand. But now when the album has been out for about a year we are really happy with the response.

Karim: Right after releasing “Monolith” you started playing shows throughout the rest of the year, how did that come to action? And how did it affect In Mourning as a band and you, yourself, as a musician in terms of experience?

Christian: I think it's really important for a band to do as many shows as possible right after the release of a new album. That is definitely the best way to promote the band and their new material. I think that it was a really good thing for the band to do these shows and we really grew as a live act.

Karim: Before 2010 started, you surely had a plan in mind regarding achievements with In Mourning, now that 2010 has come to an end; to what extent are you content with what you achieved with In Mourning throughout 2010?

Christian: Yeah, I am really pleased with how last year turned out. I think that maybe it's the best year for In Mourning so far. Both with the touring part and as a band in general. Hopefully 2011 will be even better.

Karim: Leaving the past for a while and drifting onwards the future, masses of genuine Death Metallers are waiting on fire for the upcoming Volturyon record that had its title, “Coordinated Mutilation”, unrevealed lately. Personally, I’m a big fan of Volturyon, so I quickly rushed to the band’s myspace profile once I heard that samples from “Coordinated Mutilation” are up. After I carefully heard them, I came up to this: “Coordinated Mutilation” is going to be heavier, more brutal, more gory, rather less technical, less melodic, and less glossy than “Blood Cure”. Is this true or it’s just me? In other words, how is “Coordinated Mutilation” going to sound like and how variant it is from 2008’s “Blood Cure”?

Christian: Yeah, “Coordinated Mutilation” is going to be released the 25th of February and we are really excited about that. To me personally it’s a bit hard to compare these two albums. Mostly because the material on “Blood Cure” goes way back to the start of the band and all the material on “Coordinated Mutilation” was done in about a year just before the recording. We are always trying to blend both fast with more slow and groovier stuff in our songs to get the perfect mix of Death Metal. I think our new album feels more like a unit and that the songs fit together in a better way then on “Blood Cure”. I am really proud and happy with our debut album as well but on “Coordinated Mutilation” the new songs were made in a shorter period of time. Maybe the song structures are better on our new album as well.

Karim: The process of making “Coordinated Mutilation” witnessed the collaboration with Black Lounge and Abyss studio and Jonas Kjellgren (Carnal Forge, Scar Symmetry, Centinex) which is the same studio and producer as In Mourning and the previous Volturyon album, also Polish artist Lukasz Jaszak (Blood Red Throne, Witchmaster) did the artwork for the album; what do you say about these collaborations, and to what level do you think they enhance the album?

Christian: It felt really natural to continue with Jonas as we were really happy with his previous work. When you listen to your own product after it's completed there will always be these small details in both mixing and playing that you feel could have been done differently. I think that's the beauty of making music actually. But in general I think that “Coordinated Mutilation” received the production it deserves. Regarding the artwork I don’t think we could be happier with the result. We got in touch with Lukasz Jaszak through a friend of Andreas and we were really blown away when he gave us the previews for the album cover. And I think the end result speaks for it self.

Karim: “Coordinated Mutilation”’s release party is scheduled to take place in Klubb Helmer in your hometown, Falun, on February 25th. The event will be limited to 80 pre-sold tickets that include entrance to the party, a copy of the new album and food. There will also be a lottery held with several prizes, including a chance to win a ticket to a local festival “Rockstad Falun.” How excited are you about that and what do you predict “Coordinated Mutilation” will bring to Volturyon or how important is it going to be to the future of Volturyon?

Christian: This release gig is going to be very important for the band I think. We haven’t done any gigs for about a year and a half so we are really anxious to get up on stage again.

Karim: So far, Volturyon is confirmed to play a couple gigs in Ireland. Are there any prospective/potential gigs other than those of Ireland? Also, aren’t you thinking of a tour/mini-tour in promotion of “Coordinated Mutilation”?

Christian: We have four gigs confirmed in Ireland in May and we are working really hard to get another minitour later this year. It would be great to get out and promote the album as much as possible. Hopefully we will have something to announce soon.

Karim: You played a lot of high-profile gigs back then after the release of “Blood Cure”, how did it feel to share the stage with bands like At The Gates and Carcass?

Christian: That was on the Sweden Rock Festival 2008 and we didn't really share stage with At The Gates and Carcass. They played however at the same festival. We played in a smaller tent and didn't really know what to expect but it turned out to be one of the biggest crowds so far for Volturyon. Nearly 1500 people showed up and it was really sick.

Karim: The drumming style in In Mourning is so different from its counterpart in Volturyon due to difference between genres, like in Volturyon you use a lot of blast beats and fast, technical drumming, whereas in In Mourning you use more “mild” and diverse style of drumming to keep up with the progressive music. Tell us more about that and how do you manage to conjure up the “brutal mode” with Volturyon and the “progressive mode” with In Mourning.

Christian: I think it's a really great thing that the stiles of music for the bands are that different. I really get to use two different stiles of drumming and that suits me perfectly. In Volturyon it gets really intense most of the time with a lot of blastbeats and very little time to “rest”. When it comes to In Mourning there are a lot of more spaces to fill in the music so it's kind of the opposite in playing with Volturyon actually. I have no problem changing “mode” from brutal to progressive. It all comes very natural with the material for each band.

Karim: What music and bands have been listening a lot lately? Also, what kinds of music do you like besides Metal?

Christian: Oh, that changes from day to day actually. I try to see good music in every stile of music there is. Paradise Lost, Nile, Textures and Pink Floyd are some of the bands I’ve been listening to a lot lately.

Karim: Thank you so much for taking the time to answer all our questions, I’m glad to have conducted this interview with you and Metality is proud to have had you here, and I have to say, I can’t wait for Volturyon’s album anymore, haha! The ball is on your pitch now, feel free to share any words with Metality readers.

Christian: Thank you very much, Karim! The long wait is soon to be over. Get ready to be Mutilated in Coordination!!!

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