"I'm Sure Everyone Who Likes "To The Edge of Reality" Will Appreciate The New Album A Lot" Metality.net Interviews DREAMSHADE

Swiss melodic death metal up and comers, DREAMSHADE have been working tirelessly in support of the band's debut full length and first release via Spinefarm Records, titled "What Silence Hides" out now. The band has already performed at a number of festivals, such as: Metal Camp Open Air and Summer Breeze Open Air, and will be performing at the upcoming Rock Hard Festival in Germany, with more dates to be announced.

Spiritcrusher caught up with founding members/guitarists Fernando "Fella" Di Cicco and Rocco Ghielmini to talk about the band's new album "What Silence Hides," how their musical standpoint progressed since their debut EP "To the Edge of Reality;" among many other topics. Fella and Rocco also discuss being featured on our first digital compilation, alongside bands such as: NORTHER, DAYLIGHT DIES, NERVECELL, and fellow countrymen, NEOSIS.

Here's how it went:

Spiritcrusher: First of all, congratulations on signing to Spinefarm Records. This obviously is a huge deal for the band. Not only are you guys young, but also, I'm sure many of your influences are/have been on this label as well! What were you guys up to when you got the good news?

Fella: Thanks a lot! We're really happy about this whole signing thing and we believe that Spinefarm is the right label for our band. And Yes, you are right, we practically grew up listening to Spinefarm bands like Children Of Bodom, Norther, Naildown and Kalmah, so let's say our childhood was influenced by melodic stuff. We also partied a lot when we signed the deal!

Spiritcrusher: Your new album, What Silences Hides, came out on the 26th of January. Is it only distributed in Europe, or are you expanding your territory to America, Canada, and other countries?

Rocco: As for now it is distributed in Europe and several countries in the world, but still not in America. It will be released in Japan in may, in UK in march, and we still don't know when in the States. Anyway sooner or later it will be available quite everywhere. If one can't find it in stores he can always order it from our website!

Spiritcrusher: How would you compare this album to "To the Edge of Reality"? Have your influences changed lyrically or musically?

Fella: Well, actually our influences are constantly changing but this doesn't mean that we are changing also the music genre we play. The new record is absolutely more mature compared to the EP. We improved a lot as musicians and songwriters, the songs are more consistent and make sense. The genre is basically Melodic Death Metal but we are influenced by almost every kind of music from Jazz to Hardcore-Punk so let's say that it's contaminated. Anyway I'm sure everyone who likes "To the edge of reality" will appreciate the new album a lot.

Spiritcrusher: Switzerland isn't exactly known for its metal scene, but there has been an increase in bands lately, such as yourselves and Neosis. Want to elaborate about the evolution and development of the Swiss metal scene in recent years?

Fella: Yes mate, you're right, Switzerland never had so many metal bands inside its scene but some swiss bands as Eluveitie and Sybreed are well-known worldwide. It is a small country so it obviously contains few bands. Anyway the scene grew up a lot in these last years and there are many talented bands that wait to be discovered. Neosis for example is really amazing so I suggest it to everyone.

Spiritcrusher: "Our Buried Secrets" was included on the Metality Compilation along with many bands from the Middle East and around the world. Did you guys check out some of the other bands? Did any interest you in particular?

Fella: For sure I checked out some of the bands included in the compilation and I have to say that the ones I liked the most are: Empyreon, Nervecell, Voice Of The Soul, Daylight Dies and Neosis. Those bands are very talented and I wish them all the best for the future.

Spiritcrusher: Of course, the biggest band on that compilation album is Norther.
Many Dreamshade listeners compare your songs to Children of Bodom, Kalmah, Mors Principium Est, as well as Norther. How was the band's reaction to Norther's inclusion on the compilation?

Rocco: I definitely love Norther's latest efforts. "N" is an awesome album, maybe the one which really made me fall in love with their music although I have been a great fan of their previous works and have been listening to them for a long time. I appreciated a lot their new song you added to the compilation, as it sounds very modern but still sounds Norther.. and Imperanon's ex singer did a great job!

Spiritcrusher: Any advice for young bands in the Middle East, who unfortunately are in a region with a weak metal scene (similar to Switzerland)? Do you believe the internet played a huge role in promoting Dreamshade?

Rocco: We are the example that you don't necessarily need a good local metal scene to emerge. First advice is to keep doing what you love although you are not given many possibilities to show your art. Second advice is to use this wonderful thing called Internet as it is probably the best way to promote your band. It's thanks to the Internet that I'm answering this interview and thanks to you guys we got some new fan. Actually it's thanks to the internet that we got the deals we have. Our manager found us on myspace when we still just had our EP online. I'd recommend to use facebook, which is growing, to reach new fans and myspace, which is dying, just as a visit card.

Spiritcrusher: For all our guitarists reading this interview, want to share with us your live/recording setup?

Fella: we use the same equipment for live shows and in the studio during the recordings of the album:
Engl amps and a ESP M-II guitar!

Spiritcrusher: You guys are a really young band, compared to many signed and active bands in general. Are any of you currently in university and balancing it out with the band?

Rocco: Yes I do. I'm the only one of Dreamshade following courses at University, but I just take the half of them. I couldn't manage to take them all as it's a very difficult and time-consuming faculty (Informatics). Ivan, Fella and Sera are working part-time. It's the only way for us to concentrate enough on our music and be able to release a new album next year!

Spiritcrusher: What is your dream band(s) to tour with?

Fella: I think in general the Dreamshade guys would like to tour with band that match well with our music style. This means melodic bands, it doesn't matter of which genre of metal. It would be awesome to tour with Children Of Bodom, In Flames, Soilwork, Darkest Hour, Killswitch Engage or The Black Dahlia Murder. Personally my dream is to tour with Darkest Hour, they are amazing!

Spiritcrusher: What do you enjoy doing in your free time other than music? Do you have any other hobbies?

Fella: Actually we really spend a lot of time playing our instruments. Some days we write new songs and other days we play all together in our rehearsal room or record new pre-productions. We really don't have so much time for other things, but when we have it we like to spend it with all our friends partying or with our families and girlfriends. Some of us are also Movies fans, others like comic books, and so on...

Spiritcrusher: Can we expect many gigs this summer to promote What Silence Hides?

Rocco: I think so. Hopefully we will play at many summer festivals. As for now we are confirmed at Rock Hard Open Air in Germany. We are waiting an answer from a lot of other festivals in our wish list. I'm confident we will have a lot of nice shows this summer.

Spiritcrusher: Any last word for Metality.net readers and metal fans in the Middle East?

Fella: I want to thank your website for interviewing us and for keeping so updated metalfans in the Middle East. I really believe in that scene and I see it getting bigger every day: New bands, new websites and webzines, new festivals and concerts. Keep this thing growing! We have faith in you guys!

Spiritcrusher: Thanks for your time Fella and Rocco! Say hello the rest of the band and all the best from us here in Metality!

Fella: Thank YOU for this interview. We really loved it and it means a lot to us. We wish all the best to all of you people in the Middle East!

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