Listening to MY INNER BURNING's powerful brand of metal, you can be certain that they have lots of triumphant victories ahead of them. MY INNER BURNING have the determination it takes, and they're ready to present their second album, "Eleven Scars" which will see a March 22nd North American release via SPV/Steamhammer - a surprisingly mature offering which highlights an impressive development compared to their already exciting 2009 debut. "Eleven Scars" sounds groovier and a little darker than their first self-titled release. Guitarist Torsten Sauerbrey explains the reasoning behind their darker sound "Probably the many concerts we've played since, and the stronger influence of our vocalist Becky, who penned the occasionally rather sinister lyrics."

The group's musical direction shuns all clichés and half-baked trends. MY INNER BURNING consciously steer clear of that tried and tested 'faster - harder - louder' dictum, preferring to impress their audience with multi-faceted songs, deep-tuned guitars and great melodies which come across powerful yet gentle at the same time. "We play unmistakable metal," says Sauerbrey, "but we like to include gothic, rock and pop music elements." Their listeners realize after a few bars that this dynamic sonic experience centers mainly on Becky Gaber. The instruments are oriented to the vocalist; the songs owe their forcefulness to her voice.

"Eleven Scars" sees Becky Gaber deliver eleven incisive stories - a clear reference to the album title - about broken friendship, unhappy love and other relationship dramas. "Eleven Scars" is no concept album," says Sauerbrey, "but the record's lyrics definitely have a central theme."

The dynamic sound of "Eleven Scars", which was recorded at the Metal Sound studio in Osterode/Harz and mixed by Sauerbrey, adds further to the excellent impression. The guitarist is one of the group's mainstays: he wrote the majority of the songs, and also took care of sound engineering and production. This extremely accomplished album is complemented by the excellent artwork courtesy of Hanover photographer Martin Huch, who has worked with stars such as the Scorpions, Heinz-Rudolf Kunze and BAP and with "Eleven Scars" he has created a particularly atmospheric cover motif which focuses on Becky Gaber.

"Eleven Scars" track listing:
  1. Masquerade
  2. Analize
  3. Electrified
  4. For The Last Time
  5. When I´m Gone
  6. Demons
  7. Done With Denial
  8. Gone Wrong
  9. Enemy Of Mine
  10. New Breed
  11. Home-Sick

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