Together With METAL UNDERGROUND We Unearth The Egyptian Metal Scene

I recently had the pleasure of doing a guest post on the Egyptian metal scene for one of the leading heavy metal websites, for the site's "Unearthing The Metal Underground" weekly column.

Each week, Metal Underground delves into a certain scene or genre, exploring what it has to offer. With the recent events in Egypt, it was a good time to explore the country's diverse metal scene. The post features technical death metal heavyweights SCARAB, oriental black metal veterans ODIOUS, and all-girl metalcore up and comers MASSIVE SCAR ERA.

Here's an excerpt from the post:
Egypt has long been a subject for many internationally renowned bands, such as Dio, Mercyful Fate, and Symphony X, and with acts like Nile being well known for utilizing Egyptian mythology in their lyrical themes.

Over the past few weeks, Egypt has become a media hot spot due to current events inspired by the recent Tunisian revolution. For two weeks, protesters have been retaliating against the 30 year regime of former president Hosni Mubarak, demanding his immediate dismissal. It all finally came to an end on February 11th, to the sound of millions of Egyptians cheering for a new era of democracy.

The country's metal scene has been active since the early 90s. While it tends to face controversy from mainstream media and traditionalists; it still manages to progress and offer a diverse line up of bands, playing a variety of sub-genres. Click Here to Continue Reading

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[Ed note: I'd like to thank Paul Williams from Streaming Chaos and Doug Gibson, founder of Metal Underground for setting this up.]

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