"When Listening To "Death/Speed/Thrash" Its Always "Old School" Not Into Much "New Metal" Metality.net Interviews Rick Rozz

Rick Rozz is famous for his time with extreme metal legends DEATH. Having co-written albums such as Leprosy and From Beyond; as well as his time with fellow death metal heavyweights MASSACRE.

Lately, Rick Rozz has been working on his new project M INC. with drummer Mike Mazzonetto, backing vocalist/bassist Timmy Vazquez, and vocalist Chris Jack. The band released a promotional video for the song "Bone Dust" and will be hitting the studio end of this month to record more material to shop.

Spiritcrusher caught up with Rick about his new project, how M INC. initially got together, favorite bands to tour with, how Paolo Gregoletto filled in on bass during M INC.'s show with Obituary back in January, among many other topics. Here's how it went:

Spiritcrusher: Hey Rick, it's an honor to have you here on Metality! How've you been?

Rick Rozz: Doing great, and thank you for asking.

Spiritcrusher: Most people will recognize you as one of the guitarists in Death during the Scream Bloody Gore and Leprosy albums. Would you like to tell us a little about what you have been up to since then?

Rick: I have been involved in a few local Florida projects over the years, always writing and playing music.

Spiritcrusher: I see you're still rocking out the BC Rich! For all the guitarists reading, what's your metal arsenal like?

Rick: At this time I have (3) BC RICH Mockingbirds, always BC for Metal.


Spiritcrusher: Back to something that all metal fans can relate to. Given that your time with Death really created the sound that we refer to as "old school death metal" as well as thrash, what have you been listening to lately? Have you been sticking to the old guns, or have you been taking interest in many up-and-coming bands?

Rick: When listening to "Death/Speed/Thrash its always "Old School" not into much "New Metal" or "New Music" in general.

Spiritcrusher: This is a very typical question, tell us a little about how M Inc started and got together? Is there an interesting story behind the formation of the band?

Rick: Well... there was never a plan to start any type of band, thats for sure, My girlfriend "Ellen" came across something, that lit a fire under my ass, it was just my name being metioned in a good way, and also some "bla bla bla" for a old band mate, So I called "Mike Mazzonetto" the "M INC." drummer, and asked him if he would like to start jamming, I have been wanting to write "Metal" with him for over 16 years, but never had the chance, he had been in, and dedicated to a local Metal band, for all those years, But... he had just left them when I called "Bonus" so the jamming/writing begins, we were going to be a (3) peace, but things did not work out, So... "Timmy Vazquez" (Bass/Backing Vocals) for "M INC." and "CGM STUDIO" owner, pulled me aside to tell me "Chris Jack" the singer in his band "Devolve" would do the track, which was "Bone Dust" we had a dead line to get the track ready for a compilation release in the "UK/Scotland" (Fallen Souls) on "Fall Of Eden Records" so "Chris" took the song home, came back and knocked it out, and we made our dead line, Then "Tim & Chris" and "Devolve" split up, and "Timmy" is a guitar player, but I wanted him involved in the project, so I asked him if he would mind playing bass, and he was cool with the idea, so there you go, in a manner of speaking. "The ('M') INC. Story"

Congratulations on the great video for your track, Bonedust, as well as the other tracks you have posted on your band's pages! Want to tell us about the experience and process of recording and making the video?

Rick: It was a (1) camera video, a school project for singer "Chris Jack" we had a great time, and alot of help from some really cool people, we spent (2) days on it, and alot of takes, but over all, we came out with a cool video, and we were able to get to know one another better as well. Great Times.

Spiritcrusher: So, as of now, does M Inc have any released albums or albums coming soon?

Rick: We are back in the studio at the end of February, to record (6) more tracks, we do have a few labels, waiting to hear more music, so right now we are just doing demo's to shop labels.

Spiritcrusher: You just had your debut performance with Obituary! How was that? Did you share the stage with Obituary with Death or any of your other projects before?

Rick: Had a great "Debut" it was a honor to share the stage with "Obituary" and yes, in "Massacre" we shared the stage once or twice, had a great time.

Spiritcrusher: Also, Paulo from Trivium played bass for M Inc! How did that come about?

Rick: M INC. bassist/backing vocals "Timmy Vazqez" was in Arizona with work, when "Obituary" offerd the gig, so I spoke with Timmy about the gig, and he felt the same way I did, as far as not passing it up, so a good friend of ours "Ken Andrews" who I first asked to do the gig with M INC. and he was out of town as well, had worked, and still does with "Trivium" gave "Paolo Gregoletto" a call for us, to see if he had the time, and "Trivium" had just started recording their new "Album" But... Paolo was cool enough to help M INC. out, and we have nothing but "Respect" and wish "Trivium" all the best with "Nick Augusto" the new "BAD ASS" drummer, and their "New Album" in 2011. Cheers & Peace

Spiritcrusher: Any plans for touring?

Rick: Going to leave that up to the label, if it is all ment to be.

Spiritcrusher: Speaking of touring, who were your favorite bands to tour with?

Rick: No faves, all the bands that "Death/Massacre" toured with were great, had a great time, and made alot of new friends, who I am still in contact with today.

Spiritcrusher: Would you ever consider rocking out in one of the countries in the Middle East?

Rick: If that is meant to be/happen, I'm sure M INC. would be game.

Spiritcrusher: Here is a more subjective question: what does metal (and music in general) mean to you?

Rick: A 100% Outlet, of many things.

Spiritcrusher: What have you been doing in your free time, other than playing and writing music?

Rick: Painting houses, going to the beach, not much else.

Spiritcrusher: Any words of advice for young musicians who want to be in bands or simply be a skilled musician in the future?

Rick: Trust no one outside your unit, and if you have label interest, do your best keep all your publishing/merchandise.

Spiritcrusher: The floor is yours! Any last words for Metality and the readers?

Rick: Looking forward to putting a record out, and getting M INC. on tour, meeting new people, and turing them onto our music, And thank you for the interview. "Stay Positive & Keep You Chin Up" Cheers & Peace R.R.

Make sure to visit M INC. on Myspace for all the latest updates concerning the band's upcoming material.


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  3. Mcfagpants u remind me of a FAG i know ;-)