THE BLINDED - 2010 EP [Review]

Genre: Modern Melodic Death Metal

Label: Self Released

Released: 2010

Mark McGuire

Unmistakably reminiscent of melodic death metal merchants “
In Flames”, and perhaps a large percentage of metal bands from the region, Sweden’s “The Blinded” appear to be, on initial listen, nothing special in the grand scale of things. A rehash of popular Swede metallers “Blinded Colony” one may be led to make the predisposition that The Blinded have taken a step down the ladder.

However this may not be entirely the case. When comparing the two bands it becomes clear that
The Blinded are a completely separate entity, with a completely different sound and simply have the misfortune to have to follow their own act. What caught my eye when watching the pilot video for The Blinded’s video ‘Pretend’ was the completely unexpected ‘The Devil Wears Prada’ shirt adorned by one of two new vocalists and front men Linus "Johnny Growler" Månsson. This influence becomes clear as the EP progresses. Although still more reminiscent of a more 90’s “drowning Pool-esque” vocal performance at the moment, the influence of bands like TDWP is more and more apparent with each song. Unlike Blinded Colony this group possesses what appears to be a direction into post hardcore and in most respects, it works… While staying true to crunchy rhythmic guitar work and machine gun double bass elements of the drums, melodic choruses with powerful, albeit predictable lyrics are thrown into the mix making The Blinded stand out of the crowd.

In songs like
Pretend, Along The Way, and Drag You Down, I find myself thinking “good chorus but it lacks something”. This something is passion. The vocals sound far too safe and monotone, especially when The Blinded seem to be pursuing an element of hardcore in their music. A vocalist has to let go, reach limits and break barriers without being afraid of mistakes or consequences of mistakes when this kind of vocal work is introduced. Luckily (and to my relief) along comes “Waking Up Dead”. We hear the side of Joel Andersson which just seems to be itching for some attention. The vocal work is adventurous, harmonic and altogether satisfying. More of this please Blinded!

In most respects The Blinded’s EP is a technically solid example (hopefully) of things to come. The instrumental work is flawless, the vocal work catchy and the group seem to be walking along its path in the right direction. I'm looking forward to listening to this band grow and develop their sound and have high hopes for their future releases.

Listen to the entire EP by visiting
The Blinded's official site; also available on iTunes and CDBaby.


  1. Good review, Mark!

  2. Good review, only thing is you messed up the names on the singers. Linus Arelund Månsson "Johnny Growler" is the one wearing the TDWP t-shirt.

  3. Good review, though I disagree with your point on the vocals. Waking up dead is also a really amazing song and I do agree, do more like that too. Good band all around, look forward to hearing what else they bring out!

  4. Thanks a lot for the heads up. Fixed the typo.