COAT OF ARMS - This Is Manslaughter [Review]

Genre: Metalcore

Label: Self released

Release date: April 1st, 2011

Reviewer: Mark McGuire

Its that time in the local music scene in the UAE again. The time when one band manages to scrape together the resources to record a well-produced record for the masses and stand out from the competition.

Coat Of Arms have been paving their way to the forefront of this music scene for some time and by all accounts have been doing it right. Previous albums and releases project an image of a band that can only improve. And improve they have. The group have a blistering stage presence resonant of every band they take influence from and music that echoes modern metal giants in the international scene.

This Is Manslaughter is a ten track album that establishes competency and progression for artists in the UAE’s hardcore music scene. Although at times it would seem that the lyrics should begin with “Dear diary, school was tough today and the other kids don’t like me…” there is passion and melody in these songs. Vocalist Baillouni has a symphonic vocal style when it comes to his clean approach that is altogether harmonizing and satisfying, while drummer Kareem Karameh has done a particularly good job on this record, with sweeping blast beats and well placed double bass work. A hardcore band can often only be as good as their drummer is capable and Kareem is more than capable in Coat Of Arms.

What makes Coat Of Arms' music stand out from a great deal of the hardcore bands that have came and gone in this music scene is that the music sounds ‘uniquely prosaic’ in regards to something one would be taking a trip to virgin to pick up. In essence This Is Manslaughter is at the peak of local music scene quality and slipping into international standards. “Premium Metal” if you will.
Perhaps it is time for Coat Of Arms to decide whether they are ready to take this transitional step into the big leagues, because This Is Manslaughter is an album that if passed into the right hands could be their ticket upwards and outwards.

Tracks to look out for – Ballad Of The Mariner, 212, Slowly Pick Up The Pace, Timepieces.

Visit COAT OF ARMS on Facebook for all the latest updates on how you can get your hands on This is Manslaughter. The band will be having an official album launch party on April 1st at Club 7 (Park Regis Hotel, Dubai UAE) with support acts Fist In Your Face, Alpha Kenny Buddy and Echoes With Laughter. For full information, visit the event's page here.

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