Former THA Vocalist Nathan Ells' New Band SUNLIT ETHER

I've been blasting the new Human Abstract record "Digital Veil" (out now!) for the past month, and I'm still digesting how great it is!

Before I heard anything from Digital Veil, I was skeptical as to how they will sound since former vocalist Nathan Ells used to say in interviews that A.J. Minette wanted to shift the band towards a softer sound, turning them into a prog rock group. And that The Human Abstract were first and foremost a heavy metal band. Let's ignore that and forget how Midheaven turned out to be, because he claimed it would've been a lot lighter and more rock oriented if A.J. was still in the band.

Nathan now has a new band, called SUNLIT ETHER. They released 3 demo songs currently streaming on their Myspace and Reverbnation pages. I'm not going to say anything, I'm going to post the demos and a song from the new Human Abstract record and you be the judge:

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  1. Nathan has been and always will be my favorite vocalist his style is one of a kind