HEAVENWOOD Release New Album "Abyss Masterpiece"


Portugal's self-proclaimed heavy dark melodic metal band, Heavenwood, released their 4th album today, entitled "Abyss Masterpiece". The band has been around since 1992, but have been around as Heavenwood since 1996. The band has experienced the highs and lows of extreme magnitudes, from being the first Portuguese band to play at Wacken to a 3 year hiatus and internal problems, ceasing the release of any album between 1998 and 2008.

The album features 12 heartfelt and hard-hitting tracks:
  1. The Arcadia Order
  2. Morning Glory Clouds (In Manus Tuas Domine)
  3. Goddess Presiding Over Solitude
  4. Once a Burden
  5. Winter Slave
  6. Leonor (featuring RAM-ZET's Miriam Renvag and Russian symphonic classical composer Dominic G.Joutsen)
  7. Poem For Matilde
  8. Fading Sun
  9. September Blood
  10. Sudden Scars
  11. Like Yesterday
  12. Her Lament

Quick word:

For those who love heavy riffs, a good combination of growling and singing, and lots of symphonic elements (whether it's beautiful harmonized choirs or string arrangements), then this is for you. I think if you love anything from melodic death metal, doom metal, or even goth rock/metal, then you can definitely enjoy this. Hell, if you like metal in general, you should just listen to this, it's definitely worth it. I think I'm gonna have a review coming up soon for this album.

Abyss Masterpiece is released TODAY via Listenable Records. The album was mixed and mastered by well known producer Kristian "Kohle" Kohlmannslehner (Cremator, Benighted) at Kohlekeller Studios in Germany. The album art was by Matthew Vickerstaff, who has previously worked with many bands including My Dying Bride and Cradle of Filth.

Heavenwood are:

Ernesto Guerra - Vocals

Ricardo Dias - Lead guitar/Clean Vocals

Bruno Silva - Guitar

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