NERVECELL's PSYCHOGENOCIDE Available NOW! At All Virgin Megastores Across The Middle East

Head down to your nearest Virgin Megastore today to pick up your copy of NERVECELL's brutally pummeling new release PSYCHOGENOCIDE. Available at all Virgin Megastores across the middle east.

I've been listening to PSYCHOGENOCIDE for a while now, and still digesting how raw, and uncompromisingly heavy the record turned out to be. The band does not slow down one bit from the get go; things just keep taking a turn for a more chaotic and intense vibe. The transitional melodies, and solos will leave your spine shattered and your ears pumping.

NERVECELL does not comprise one bit on PSYCHOGENOCIDE; taking their sound into a tighter, heavier and more melodically proficient death metal highway, while insuring the record is at it's rawest, and most powerful forum; making PSYCHOGENOCIDE a refinement of the now signature NERVECELL sound.

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