OCEANO - Contagion [Review]

Genre: Deathcore

Label: Earache Records

Released: November 9th, 2010

Reviewer: Mark McGuire

Hailing from Chicago Illinois, Oceano are a full throttle wrecking machine paving a path of destruction through the American Deathcore scene. Formed in 2006 the group stormed the Chicago music scene gaining a reputable following, eventually leading to their signing with Earache Records in 2007. Pilot album “Depths” was released to glowing acknowledgment among existing fans and a new hoard of deathcore fanatics soon followed suit.

Contagion, released in November last year stands to cement the group in league with ‘the big boys’ of the genre and is a drum thumpingly ferocious album. Vocalist Adam “Boss Nigga” Warren has chords of steel which never falter once throughout and drummer is a technical force to be reckoned with. Think Daniel TerchinAnnotations Of An Autopsy meets Cryptopsy and you’ve more or less got Oceano on the button. The technical prowess of the music in Contagion is apparent with twists, sweeps and blast beats that will leave you dazed and confused at times. Listening to earlier Oceano tracks in comparison to those on Contagion offers a clear indication that they seem to still have tricks up their sleeves in terms of placing a sometimes faded but nevertheless established line between themselves and their competition as it were.

This band is 'severe organized noise' and stands out from a lot of the more “barely listenable” deathcore groups about.

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