THOUSAND YEAR WAR Signs To Abyss Records

Known for scouring the globe to find some of the world's finest death, black and thrash metal acts, Abyss Records is pleased to announce the signing of a band who brings the best of all three to the table. Hailing from Homer, Alaska, THOUSAND YEAR WAR stands tall as one of Abyss Record's newest and most exciting acquisitions.

With a self-titled EP already available, the band is preparing to unleash their full-length debut, Tyrants And Men, upon the masses on Abyss Records in early 2011, specific date TBA.

The history of Thousand Year War began in the late winter of 2009 in Homer, Alaska with Hiram Lohr (guitar, vocals) and Kellen Sharp (lead guitar, bass). While hashing out ideas they began to write songs that would become their first EP. This was comprised of four songs and was recorded by Brett Wehmeyer at Runefire Recording Studios in Anchorage, AK. With the help of Brett and session drummer Mortaeus (Ax) they were able to get their first recording off the ground. After receiving good reviews and label interest from their self-titled EP, Thousand Year War decided to take things to the next level and record a full length album.

The EP is available for free download at

Hiram and Kellen raised enough funds to record with Ryan Brownell (Garden Studios). In a period of 7 days they recorded vocals, guitars, and bass to found session drummer Fredrik Widigs (Angrepp, Desultor, The Ugly). After transposing all the songs to Guitar Pro they were sent to Fredrik to record the drum tracks at Prime Cut Studios (Sweden) in the summer of '09. Shortly after Kellen and Hiram laid down the tracks to what would be the full length Tyrants and Men.

From the summer of 2010 and beyond, Fredrik Lunneborg of Primecut Studios came up with an amazing mix that sculpted and formed the final sound of Tyrants and Men. This mix was presented to Dan Ferguson of Abyss Records and Thousand Year War was offered to sign. The first pressing of Tyrants and Men will be available as a digipak. All Album art and websites are designed by Luciferium War Graphics.

1. Defiance 3:47

2. The Sea 3:58

3. No Gods, No Masters 4.46

4. Thousand Year War 3:47

5. Open Casket 4:11

6. The Storm I Ride 3:32

7. Warriors of Deceit 4:12

8. One Final Breath 3:10

9. Spartacus 4:37

10. Tyrants and Men 3:18

[Total Running Time: 39:20]

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