VOICE OF THE SOUL's Kareem Chehayeb Interviewed By Portugal's S.O.S. Radio

VOICE OF THE SOUL mastermind and all around ass kicker, Kareem Chehayeb, was recently interviewed by Portugal's premier extreme metal radio show S.O.S. Metal Radio (Hosted by MJ. Imperatore).

During the interview Kareem covers a number of subjects, such as: being in a international band with members in different locations (Boston, London, Dubai, and Mumbai), the current middle eastern metal scene, the band's influences, working with Nocturna's Sarj Masood on the epic track "The Light That Never Shone." Kareem also discuses the differences and progression between the band's first EP "Winds of Apprehension" and their most recent EP "Eyes of Deceit," as well as the band's song writing process, future material, among many other topics.

Listen to the interview below: (courtesy of S.O.S. Metal Radio)

[The interview included: Farewell to Hope - Interview part 1 - Under a Blood Red Sky - Realm of Darkness - Interview part 2 - The Curse - Winds of Apprehension]

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