DEPTH Offer LP And EP For Free Download!

Kuwait based melodic death metal band DEPTH are currently offering both their LP "The Depth" and recent face ripping EP "Memento Mori" for FREE! Download.

It simply doesn't get any better than this. Both releases will consistently kick your ass from start to finish. Veteran producer and Nocturna vocalist Sarj Masood also sings an amazing melodic piece on the beautifully dark "Crimson Goddess" (featured on the band's EP "Memento Mori").

Download both releases now to get double the amount of intense headbanging, fist pumping and foot stomping!

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[Don't forget that DEPTH will be among the bands featured on our upcoming digital compilation album "Metality - The Compilation: Volume 2 - Sounds of The Middle East." Click here for more details]

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