I'm not sure why I went ahead and downloaded a new track on Korn's website (maybe it's due to an all nighter of "under-the-hood" fixing; thanks to our former hosting service).

Apparently the band collaborated with Dubstep DJ/Producer Skrillex on the song. And it's nothing beyond what you would imagine from such a collaboration. It's Korn remixed.

I don't mind Dubstep in small doses. There's a few remixes that are not half bad [Link1, Link2]. The music itself would be crap if you're not a "friendly-person" with a great set of headphones (I always use my trusty Sennheiser's to actually "feel the bass"). But Korn's attempt is boring. It's just meshing two genres together. And that's been done so much already; there's a shit ton of Youtube apps and sites that allow you to do just that. There's no edge here.

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