METALITY - The Compilation: Volume 2 - SOUNDS OF THE MIDDLE EAST

We are proud to announce our upcoming digital compilation album featuring some of the best bands from around the
middle east!

"METALITY - The Compilation: Volume 2: Sounds of The Middle East" will be a free promotional compilation, including some of our favorite bands from the region. As well as introduce a lot of highly impressive new comers and veterans in the scene to our shores.

The compilation is currently being finalized, and will be available very soon on and all our promotional sponsors' sites:,,, Moroccan Metal Community, Streaming Chaos and our sister site Metality UAE. The release will also include videos (live and promotional) for bands featured on the release.

You can check out screen shots for the compilation's custom sub-domain site (here, and here) that will include streaming audio and video players. As well as offer the release in multiple download versions.

You can check out samples from bands confirmed for the compilation on our recently launched forums section at; samples are available by clicking here. The forums includes all sorts of discussions from international metal, middle eastern metal, general discussions, off-topic and more. We'll be adding more features to the forums as time goes by. You can simply sign-in via Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, Yahoo, Windows Live ID, and Myspace (We recommend signing-up for a Myspace account if you would like to use alternative credentials for the forums).

Our list of confirmed bands for the release so far is as follows:

1. Kimaera (Lebanon)
2. Bouq (Jordan)
3. Weeping Willow (Lebanon)
4. Sand Aura (Egypt)
5. Voice of The Soul (Kuwait)
6. Kaoteon (Lebanon)
7. Benevolent (Kuwait)
8. Massive Scar Era (Egypt)
9. Karma (Egypt)
10. Depth (Kuwait)
11. Destiny In Chains (Egypt)
12. Grieving Age (Saudi Arabia)
13. Breeze of The Dying (Saudi Arabia)
14. Coat of Arms (UAE)
15. Perversion (UAE)
16. Thrashstorm (Lebanon)
17. Inner Guilt (Lebanon)
18. Tristmoon (Lebanon)
19. Smouldring In Forgotten (Bahrain)
20. Lunacyst (Bahrain)
21. Apocalyptic Dawn (Bahrain)
22. Chalice of Doom (Jordan)
23. Forgive Me (Jordan)
24. Thee Project (Bahrain)
25. Detonation Theory (Qatar)
26. Suicide (Turkey)
27. Origin (Egypt)
28. Arsames (Iran)
29. Odious (Egypt)
30. 13 Days Later (Tunis)
31. Damned Sorrow (Tunis)
32. Flagellation (Tunis)
33. Phobia (Tunis)
34. Vielikan (Tunis)
35. Bilocate (Jordan)
36. Sakadoya (Morocco)
37. Let It Flow (Turkey)
38. TRAXXX (Algeria)
39. Anaconda (Morocco)
40. Analgesia (Morocco)
41. Sawlegen (Morocco)
42. Soldered Poon (Morocco)
43. Soor (Morocco)
44. Varden (Egypt)
45. Mental Implant (Turkey)
46. Sabhankra (Turkey)
47. The Crow Murder (UAE)
48. Midway (UAE)
49. Osprey (UAE)
50. Dethroned (Lebanon)

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