SCARAB Announce Track Listing And Title For Upcoming Album "Serpents of The Nile"

Egypt's death metal icons SCARAB have announced "Serpents of The Nile" as the title for the band's follow up to 2009's brutally pummeling "Blinding The Masses."

While currently finalizing work on the release, and will be entering the mixing/mastering process soon, Scarab posted the following update:
"We are looking forward to this album, as it will define those long months of writing. we are currently at the final stages with sammy all instruments have been recorded we are left with 2 more tracks, and we will start with the mixing and mastering stage soon. Studio reports and some media ( Pics + Video ) will be added soon. A complete update will be done via our website and myspace, be sure to stay updated. We have been in slow motion for some time but now the groove is on and yet to devour your minds with intense melodies that will rust your hearts.

All the best to our sincere fans and friends.

\00/ SCARAB"

"Serpents of The Nile" is currently scheduled for a summer 2011 release. Track listing for the album is as follows:

  • Visions of a blood river
  • Serpents of the Nile
  • The After Life Illusions
  • Funeral Pharaoh
  • The spells of coming forth by day
  • The Pyramids of Illusions
  • Days of a burial mask (Guest Vocal)

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