THE SOULLESS Intoduces New Guitarist And Drummer


British melodic death metallers THE SOULLESS, who are due to release their new album, ISOLATED, on May 16th, [Ed note: click here to read our review for "Isolated"] have added two new members to the group's line-up.

Formerly known as IGNOMINIOUS INCARCERATION, vocalist ANDY WARDLE, guitarist STEVE BROWN and bassist CHRIS BALL have added KRISTEN DAWSON as the group's second guitarist and DAN WILDING (ABORTED, TRIGGER THE BLOODSHED) as the band's new drummer.

THE SOULLESS comment on new guitarist KRISTEN DAWSON:

"We auditioned guitarists for months, with not much luck for the perfect shredder. The band While She Sleeps are great friends of ours and recommended a guy from their area. They said he was perfect for the band and we trust their opinion so we gave him a shot.

"He sent us an audition video for the song 'Earthbound'. His was by far the best audition video so we invited him down to the studio while we were recording 'Isolated', the debut Soulless album. We wanted Kristen to hear the album to ensure it was the music he was interested in. He loved what we were doing and really wanted to be involved. He stayed with us over the duration of the studio time. This allowed us to test him out as we could get him to play along to the studio tracks as if recording, so we could hear every mistake. He nailed what we gave him, especially considering the short time he had to learn the songs. We spent two weeks with him and got on well so the decision was easy.

On new drummer DAN WILDING:

"Sam Bailey, who played drums for II, helped us out by recording the drums for the album, but was leaving the band to pursue other projects. So we needed a drummer. We asked a few friends to see if they could fill in whilst we searched for a permanent member. We knew Dan Wilding from friends Trigger The Bloodshed, and asked if he could fill in while not busy with other projects. He came to check the album out during the mixing process and liked the material so much that he asked to be a permanent member. The band was really happy with this as we knew Dan to be an amazing, really professional drummer who happened to be a super nice guy too. So, of course we said yes and The Soulless line up was complete and ready to shred!"

Watch a studio video of THE SOULLESS recording their new album, ISOLATED, below ( after the jump!).

Listen to a pre-production track from ISOLATED, titled "Earthbound", on the band's MySpace page.

The final version of "Earthbound" is set to appear on the upcoming low-price compilation album, NEW NOISE ATTACK, which is due to be released on April 25th.

Pre-order NEW NOISE ATTACK and get the debut album from IGNOMINIOUS INCARCERATION in Europe or in North America.

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