THE SOULLESS - Isolated [Review]

Genre: Metalcore/Melodic Death Metal

Label: Earache Records

Release date: April, 2011

Mark McGuire

UK melodic death metal outfit “The Soulless” are one of those bands that have stumbled upon one of those once in a lifetime lucky situations that very rarely present themselves to bands in a niche genre of music.

Their first live gig they played to 20 people, and by their third they had replaced
Abigail Williams as main support act for Bring Me The Horizon as the Ollie Sykes
fronted group made their way quickly up the ladder as the prominent British death core act of 2007 to 2009. I was on tour with now hardcore giants Asking Alexandria in the UK at this time and know first hand what a break The Soulless caught in being given this chance.

This kind of thing does not happen often and more often than not the band on the receiving end can appear fairly undeserving, unexceptional and more or less provide more deserving bands with a feeling of the peripheral knife being twisted. Music doesn’t work in the way most people seem to think it does. Most bands pay out the arse to get the media attention they need to make any headway in the music business and The Soulless were simply in the right place at the right time, the difference being, they are not unexceptional… quite the opposite…

Having ditched the, some may say career hindering, band name “Ignominious Incarceration”, “The Soulless” were quickly picked up by Earache Records and set to work on their debut release for the label, “Of Winter Born” and subsequently are about to release the blistering new album “Isolated”.

Isolated is an 11 track declaration of independence in some ways, from the initial requirement of bigger bands in the scene to help them make their mark. Although this is not to say that said bands have not influenced The Soulless. Isolated offers many of the expected qualities of a mainstream deathcore band and is a fluent and seemingly effortless venture into the genre. Guitarists Steve Brown and Kristan Dawson have a seemingly endless arsenal of riffs at their disposal, while vocalist Andie Wardles' performance, while occasionally lacking in variety, never lacks in substance or quality. The Soulless accentuate their influence from bands like Killswitch Engage as well as BMTH and even Cryptopsy, whom they have also toured alongside.

For me personally the most interesting thing about this group is the sheer volume of rhythm and melody they offer while still maintaining their ferocity. For only their second release this album is an impressive and diverse approach at blending genres and a sound assurance that more is yet to come.

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