Apparently The New MACHINE HEAD Record Will Be A Religious Album

Well not really. But according to the second "Making of" clip for the new MACHINE HEAD album. Rob Flynn claims that the record deals with music "as a religion" and how it's helped him through his darkest times.

It seems like Roadrunner Records recently hired some reality TV reject to produce promo clips for their bands. First it was Dream Theater and now Machine Head. It's like a boner kill. I can't really get excited about the new Machine Head record after watching a clip that I'm pretty sure dumbed me down.

Why can't they just release clips that feature killer snippets from the new record and a bunch of funny scenes in between as they rip it up on their instruments like any other band would do. Seriously, quit it with this type of stuff RR!

Luckily, the guys in
ALL SHALL PERISH totally get me. As they nail this point in their recent studio update. I'd say front man Eddie Hermida could be Zach Galifianakis' long-lost brother.

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