DARKEST HOUR Drummer On Eating Before Playing


Darkest Hour drummer Ryan Parrish has started penning a new column for Metal Injection titled A View From Behind The Drumkit, where he will have an open forum to discuss any topic on his mind. The first topic he chose to tackle was eating while on tour. It's something most fans don't even think about it, but there is so much to consider when timing your food intake. Here is an excerpt:

“I’ve tried to plan my meals accordingly but by waiting to long, I usually end up so hungry that I’m supine and debilitated. On the flip, when I chow down vigorously beforehand, I’m so sick by the end of the set I’ve eaten the same meal twice; not by choice. You really haven’t experienced all of tour’s subtle profanities until you’ve had one of those horrifying moments where at any minute, a grande quesadilla’s going to make a special appearance behind the kit and rip a sickening drum solo on your sense of smell.”

Read the entire column at this link:

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