The Down Troddence Release New Video

Indian extreme metal band The Down Troddence have released their debut video for the band's third song "Shiva."

"Shiva" is sang in Sanskrit, so I can't understand what vocalist Munz is singing about. But luckily the video comes with an in-depth description about the song's meaning, explaining the video as well in the process. It also helps that there's a dude totally ripping his own guts out midway through the video. That should assure you a certain level of brutality right there!

"The music video depicts the story of Raavana's penance for Lord Shiva's blessing. Angry at Shiva's silence, Raavana goes to Kailasa and plays this shloka with a veena made out of his intestine.
The video also shows Pottan Theyyam(an art form which tells the story between Sankaracharya and Lord Shiva).
It briefs the meeting of Lord Shiva disguised as Pulayan(down trodden) with the intention to further test Sankaracharya's knowledge who is proud of himself and about to ascend "Sarwanjha Peedam" (throne of knowledge)."

"The lyrics of the song is in Sanskrit language, an ancient language of India depicting the stories of Hindu Mythology. As the band also derives some of the influences from Vedic Metal, the lyrical part is an adaptation of 'Shiva Thandava Sthothram' - an extempore-poetry where Raavana(a demon character in Hindu Mythology) praising Lord Shiva for getting his blessings when Lord Shiva didnt appear before his penance."

The guys were also nice enough to send us their full profile/bio to help understand their background more.
"THE DOWN TRODDENCE, more commonly known as the acronym ‘T.D.T’ is a 6 piece metal band from INDIA/North Kerala/Kannur .Thrash/Prog/Melo Death are various genres this band experiments with.

Their songs articulate the illness of the social system and its dismal failures. This band dream of an ultimate social revolution....And confronting the social system. Kannur can attribute itself very little to ANY rock music tradition or fan circles. Majority are still after the colorful numbers of love and lust which drug them into 'LOTOS EATER' dreaminess and lull them to a suicidal ignorance of the contradictions of the society. The band chooses to intervene into their lives, shatter their world of seeming cosines and let them have a glimpse of the scorching realities around them and in them. Variously influenced in musical interests, the members of the band are steadfast to the Death metal variant."

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