METALITY - The Compilation: Volume 2 - Sounds of The Middle East. AVAILABLE NOW!!

Ever since December of last year we've been working on a new digital compilation focusing on the middle eastern metal scene's rapidly blasting talents. The release is the result of over 5 months of hunting for the region's best and most promising acts.

'METALITY - The Compilation: Volume 2 - Sounds of The Middle East' features over 50 bands from across the region. Capsulating the scene's wide variety of heavy metal sub genres into one go-to-compilation, featuring some of our favorite bands and bringing many to our territory for the first of many times to come.

"Sounds of The Middle East" has been put together along with the graceful help of our promotional sponsors:, Moroccan Metal Community,,, and Streaming Chaos. Which we are more than honored to have them on board for the project.

Cover art, flyer, and promo video were all made by our good friends over at New Breed Studio.
If you want some killer artwork done for your band, fast and efficient, then you need to hit up these guys for some fine Italian work.

The compilation is 100% free. We're not asking for much in return. We do this for the love of metal, and because we believe in the region's rapidly progressing talent.
All we ask for is that you support the bands, tell your friends about your favorites, visit their links. If they're in your city for a show, head down there with a bunch of friends. Buy a t-shirt or CD. Post about them on your Facebook or other social sites. You can easily share this post by hovering your mouse over the little blue button on the bottom left corner to share it on Facebook, Twitter, etc.
Stay up to date with everything metal by liking our Facebook fan page, and if you're in a band make sure to post your links.

We hope you enjoy the release and have a healthy headbanging session to over
4 HOURS of face melting middle eastern metal!

  1. Sand Aura - Aljahelia (Egypt)
  2. InnerGuilt - Burden Of Guilt (Lebanon) Presented by:
  3. Let It Flow - Grey Man (Turkey)
  4. Phobia - Unavoidable Torment (Tunis) Presented by:
  5. Coat of Arms - 212 (UAE)
  6. Benevolent - The Tyrant (Kuwait)
  7. Sakadoya - Get back (Morocco) Presented by: Moroccan Metal Community
  8. Sabhankra - Buried In Dust (Turkey)
  9. Bilocate - The Dead Sea (Jordan)
  10. Depth Feat. Sarj - Crimson Goddess (Kuwait)
  11. Voice of The Soul - Under A Blood Red Sky (Kuwait)
  12. Mental Implant - Latitude & Longitude (Turkey)
  13. Kimaera - The Taste Of Treason (Lebanon) Presented by:
  14. Arsames - Testament Of The King (Iran)
  15. Bouq - Wrath of a Warrior's Soul (Jordan)
  16. Varden - Prevail (Egypt)
  17. Lunacyst - Merciless Cold Blooded Murder (Bahrain)
  18. Black Well - Drowning In Blood (Kuwait)
  19. Kaoteon - One by One (Dogs Heed the Call) (Lebanon) Presented by:
  20. Midway - Burning Bridges (UAE) 
  21. Osprey - Al Himeeneeni Al Habani (UAE) 
  22. Destiny In Chains - Shout Your Name (Egypt)
  23. Blood Ink - Brain Infestation (Lebanon)
  24. Breeze of The Dying - FOA Act 1 (Saudi Arabia)
  25. Damned Sorrow - Die On Your Own (Tunis) Presented by:
  26. Smouldering In Forgotten - I, Devourer (Bahrain)
  27. Odious - Poems Hidden on Black Walls (Egypt)
  28. Perversion - Subconscious Mutation (UAE)
  29. TRAXXX - Sound of Revolution (Algeria)
  30. Suicide - Bone Collector City (Turkey)
  31. Detonation Theory - In Death Is My Final Part (Qatar)
  32. Apocalyptic Dawn - Stoned to Death (Bahrain)
  33. 13 Days Later - Razor Roses (Tunis) Presented by:
  34. Soldered Poon - Splatterpunk (Morocco) Presented by: Moroccan Metal Community
  35. Sawlegen - De Profundis Clamavi (Morocco) Presented by: Moroccan Metal Community
  36. Origin - A Night's Creed (Egypt)
  37. THEE PROjECT - Warriors (THEE PROjECT Anthem)
  38. The Crow Murder - The Drowning (UAE)
  39. Vielikan - Celestial Autumn (Tunis) Presented by:
  40. Thrashstorm - Skatanic (Lebanon) Presented by:
  41. The Weeping Willow - Tyrant of The Fall (Lebanon)
  42. Flagellation - Your Remorse (Tunis) Presented by:
  43. Soor - The Maze II (The Stranger & The Guardian) (Morocco) Presented by: Moroccan Metal Community
  44. Anaconda - Between Life And Death (Part I) (Morocco) Presented by: Moroccan Metal Community
  45. Karma - No Surrender (Egypt)
  46. Massive Scar Era - The World is Rising (Egypt)
  47. Chalice Of Doom - Endless Prison (Jordan)
  48. Grieving Age - Therefore, A Myriad Of Gargoyles Bellow Their Aborted Versicles, Quoth Thee... (Saudi Arabia)
  49. Mephostophilis - Bloody Sign (Egypt)
  50. Analgesia - From The Ashes Of Morocco (Morocco) Presented by: Moroccan Metal Community

Bonus Tracks

  1. Tristmoon - The Dungeon (Lebanon) Presented by:
  2. Dethroned - My Eternal Love (Lebanon)
  3. Omnicide - Buried Without A Name (Saudi Arabia)
  4. Binding Shade - Paroxysm of Emptiness (Jordan)
  5. Forgive Me - Life=Nightmare (Jordan)

Keep a look out for METALITY - The Compilation: Volume 3!

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