NERVECELL Post First Webisode From The Making of PSYCHOGENOCIDE. Album Available Now EVERYWHERE!

UAE death metal juggernauts NERVECELL, posted the first webisode for the recordings of "PSYCHOGENOCIDE" on their official Youtube channel.
For some reason I can't find it in me not to type the album's title in all caps. Because seriously that's one sick title, as you read it you can sense it's a title meant to be screamed out loud, and not said by your normal speaking voice.

What I'm trying to get at here is that "PSYCHOGENOCIDE" is a death metal beast charged with thrash metal intensity and sprinkles of middle eastern influences to give it the fuel to run on full power from start to finish. It's a package of full blown brutality that should be owned by any self proclaimed middle eastern metal head. And now European metal heads can find out what all the heavy is about.

The webisode also features footage of PSYCROPTIC monster drummer Dave Haley laying down his venomous fills! Seriously, if you didn't order this record in CD or digital form by now, then you're a douche. You can find links to buy it everywhere below.

[You see Rami is pointing at YOU! To go buy it now!]

PSYCHOGENOCIDE" is available now in Europe and the Middle East at the following links:

Nervecell Online Store -
Lifeforce Records Store -
Amazon (Germany) -
Amazon (UK) -
Amazon (France) - -
iTunes -

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