WOLVERINE - Communication Lost [Review]

Genre: Progressive Metal

Label: Candlelight Records

Release Date: May 23rd, 2011

Reviewer: Mark McGuire

Progressive Swede metallers Wolverine have a respectable back story as a band that have been doing just what their music suggests, progressing. Formed in 2005 Wolverine have passed hands from Elitist/Earache Records and are now promoting their melodies from the caring hands of Candlelight Records. This year's release "Communication Lost" offers an 11 track cache of thought provoking, lyrically moving prog rock/metal. Fours years in production, each track sets a mood and carries it throughout the music. Essentially Wolverine strikes me as a band not "in it for the glory". Their lyrical prowess is an impressive outwardly reaching auditory portrayal of the groups own experiences throughout their musical career to this point. The music and lyrics combine to encourage imagery quite effectively.
I would class this album as easy listening if it were not for the intense sensation suggesting that Wolverine are probably a very powerful group to experience live. And that they are. Co-headlining prog metal festivals and exploding out of their native Sweden with the release of a single album in 2005. Wolverine now maintain an international following and "Communication Lost" is another achievement not only for the band, but for progressive metal as a genre.

While "Communication Lost" is sure to satisfy any follower of Wolverine, it should entice any prog rock/metal fan as well...

Look out for - Pulse / Into The Great Nothing / Communication Lost