Between The Lost Structures AMARANTHE Are Promising

I haven't heard much for AMARANTHE before. I've heard claims that they might be the next big thing in female fronted metal bands. But haven't heard much besides promo clips.

My first actual encounter with the band was when the funny guys in
XERATH posted about AMARANTHE's video for the song 'Hunger' with the caption "WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS????" Which instantly cracked me up (not at AMARANTHE, but at XERATH's reaction).

So I decided to give the song a chance. That didn't turn out so bad. It's a pop metal song, with good cop/bad cop vocals; catchy for the most part. But I just can't get over the Universal bumper used at the beginning of the video.

I enjoy my share of melodic death metal with pop influences (SCAR SYMMETRY and ENGEL to name a few) and AMARANTHE are basically following the same formula with little tweaks here and there, I can see the band touring with acts like Dead By April and they would probably pack the place. The band gets a plus 1 in my book nonetheless for having Olof Mörck (Nightrage) among it's ranks as lead shred meister.

Stream "Hunger" below and then tell us what's your take on pop metal?

AMARANTHE's new self titled studio album is out now via Spinefarm Records.

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