New GOJIRA Music Leaks Over The Interwebs!

Can't believe I totally spaced posting about the new GOJIRA song "Of Blood And Salt" since I've been listening to it nonstop for the past week or so.

After months and months of waiting for the much talked about Sea Sheperd EP. The song "Of Blood And Salt" made it's way onto the internet before it's actual release (AKA the song was leaked)."Of Blood And Salt" features the mighty Fredrik Thordendal (MESHUGGAH) and the even mightier Devin Townsend (Ex-STRAPPING YOUNG LAD).

Go ahead and have multiple neck breaks to this mammoth of a collaboration!

The EP is set for release in September, and will feature guest appearances by LAMB OF GOD's Randy Blythe (Holy Fuckness!!), IN FLAMES' Anders Friden, and SOULFLY/CAVALERA CONSPIRACY's Max Cavalera. And even god damn better! The Sea Shepherd EP will be followed by A NEW GOJIRA FULL LENGTH ALBUM (which you can read about more over on Metal Hammer UK where they interviewed the mightiest Joe Duplantier). Go ahead and start punching a wall with your head out of excitement!

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