This Might Very Well Be The BEST Hitler Reaction Video, Ever! @MORBID ANGEL's New Record

Last night, a friend sent a link to this hilarious clip of Hitler reacting to the new MORBID ANGEL. Unfortunately by the time I prepared a post about said clip, it was already set to "private viewing" on Youtube. But luckily someone else uploaded it and it's now available for public streaming once again.

Even though the new MORBID ANGEL record is not officially out (official release date is June 7th via Season of Mist), you might have probably read or heard about the huge backlash the band's been receiving for the drastic change in their overall sound. Band members and their label are trying to defend the album; saying it's "genre defying," and that fans should listen to it with an open mind.

Returning front man
David Vincent told Metal Hammer UK:
"how fucked off are you, first of all?”

“It would be very easy for us to go, ‘Hmmm, let’s take the greatest hits of Morbid Angel and make them a bit better and change a few of the little things and do very well,’ he continued. “Would it be pure artistically? Not at all, and it would cheat our fans out of the very essence of what Morbid Angel has always been. For people who have an open mind, this is going to be their favourite Morbid Angel album ever.”

While Season of Mist asked fellow death metal heavyweights to give their 2 cents on the record.

And then we have the clip below, that was made by a fan. Enjoy.

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