HEMOPTYSIS - Misanthropic Slaughter [Review]

Genre: Death/Thrash Metal

Label: Rock It Up Records

Released: March 8th, 2011

Reviewer: Karim Tarek

Hemoptysis is a newcomer band to the massive American Thrash Metal scene. Hailing from Arizona, USA, they only started in the year 2007, released a critically acclaimed EP called “Who Needs a Shepherd?” in 2008, and here again, in 2011, they hit with their debut full-length entitled “Misanthropic Slaughter.”

From the first second of the album you know that you’re in for a genuine Thrash Metal effort, and definitely very far away from a nowadays-common wishful trial of a modernized concept of Thrash Metal, mostly done by wannabe newbies.

The open-up track, which is also the album’s eponym, gives you fair impression on the whole album and the band’s class; they play genuine Thrash Metal reminiscent of the too-much-to-mention 80’s Thrash Metal gang, delivering some pretty sharp tunes, subtle riffs, and vintage solos.

They don’t seem like much of a monotone band, although they are not that naughty-sounding either. I mean, they lose me at some parts while they completely keep me hooked up on some other moments. I don’t know if it’s only me, but I actually find numerous parts on most of the tracks boring, while it offsets for it that some solos, riffs, and breakthroughs get me going and sound so much enjoyable to me.

There’s no doubt that, on “Misanthropic Slaughter”, Hemoptysis have demonstrated complete mastery at the music they play with a lot of tunes that won’t come off an amateur band. They actually deserve kudos on a lot moments on the album, but I’d still have several reasons for “Misanthropic Slaughter” not being my cup of tea. Vocals, for instance, display but much of a discord to me; although lyrics are mostly clearly distinguishable, vocals didn’t come out clean enough in a Metallica sense for example, nor high-pitched enough in a Slayer/Megadeth sense, nor harsh enough to sound like a Thrash/Death Metal band. I’m not making comparisons nor setting standards here, but I just find the vocals on “Misanthropic Slaughter” unentertaining and vapid. They somehow remind me of the godfather of Death Metal, Chuck Schuldiner (RIP), but they sound more like they’d fit a cheesy down-tempo Black Metal band.

While vocals are not the best thing about this album, I could safely say that solos on “Misanthropic Slaughter” are highly remarkable and definitely deserve thumbs up for the value of skill they bear, and also for their mature sound and their accord with the music.
Drumming and bass are fairly good, while rhythm guitars are great and deliver some fine riffing.

All in all, Hemoptysis are a promising band and are definitely on the right road to major success and being worthy of holding the Thrash Metal flag after the old-school legends pass up their active statuses. They are talented with the instruments, they are smart enough to create original music, and they’d be even better if they sort up their music a bit and try to sound as good as possible.

Highlights: MOD, Hadephobia.

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