Genre: Progressive Metalcore

Label: Self Released

Reviewer: Mark McGuire

There is very little information to be found online regarding TTEBU. Hailing from and based in Vancouver, Canada this seemingly young progressive hardcore outfit's five track EP serves as an introduction of what they are about, where they want to go and how they are getting there.
Introductory track “You’ve Started A War” is everything an intro has been, continues to be, and probably forever will be in relation to a hardcore band's first attempt to steal some adoration from this niche genres gargantuan following. As soon as it began I immediately knew what awaited me in tracks 2 to 5. This is not necessarily a bad thing either as fans of the metalcore/post hardcore scene are fully aware that they are in for some serious repetition. Some breakdowns that have been churned out a million times, some growling and screaming and the inevitable clean harmonious chorus work that used to surprise people but doesn’t anymore because its older than Jesus.

Fact of the matter is we still enjoy this formula and probably always will and this works in favor of TTEBU. Track 2 “So Quickly We Forget” is a familiar mix of guttural growl work, melodic guitar licks and trigger happy double bass work that will leave any hardcore fan satisfied enough to keep on listening.

Reckless”, “Half Hearted” and “Distance” follow a similar structure and a definite BMTH influence is evident throughout the band’s music and image. There's nothing particularly unique here but nothing to put off a fan of hardcore as far as I can tell…

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