ABSU – Abzu [Review]

Genre: Blackened Death Metal

Label: Candlelight Records

Release-date: October 4th, 2011

Reviewer: Monish Shringi

Absu have been a prominent figure in the Black Metal scene since the early 90’s. Their sound is full of crunching black metal riffs, hardcore blast beats and shredding guitar solos, just what you need to expect of a veteran black metal band. Originating from Texas, their current line-up consists of lead vocalist and drummer Russley Randell Givens aka “Proscriptor McGovern”, bassist and second vocalist Paul “Ezezu” Williamson and guitarist Matt “Vis Crom” Moore.

After the release of their critically acclaimed 2009 self-titled album, Absu are back once again with their second part of a “planned trilogy of recordings” titled “Abzu”. The band has shown constant growth and development in their sound, varying from brutal black metal to classical acoustic and atmospheric breakdowns. I am beginning to enjoy their music even more.

The first track on the album, called “Earth Ripper” is a fast tempo, thrash influenced masterpiece. The vocals are significantly varied, ranging from low gutturals all the way to some Rob Halford-like falsettos. The guitars are fast, well-structured and easily catch the ear. It’s well worthy of being the intro track and will surely raise some eye brows.

The second song, entitled “Circles of the Oath” is by far one of the best songs I’ve heard by Absu. It sets the standard, as it shows what each member is capable of in their own individual aspects. The song begins with some hard hitting, heaving sounding blast beats with nasty tremolo picking, followed by nice melodic melodies and finally ending with some classical acoustic guitars, not to forget the brutality of the vocals. This song has it all: black metal fans' galore.

The last track on the album has been actually divided into six sub-tracks. Each sub-track delivers the aforementioned development and growth of this band.

In all honesty, it was hard for me to pick out criticisms despite being a black metal listener.”Abzu” has definitely lived up to all its hype. Insane guitar riffs, classic black metal vocals and earth pounding drums are all and well part of it. Black Metal fans cannot afford to miss this out!

"Abzu" drops October 4th via Candlelight Records.
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