Billy Bob's Blood Drenched Brew have been releasing sick new slams one after the other! Earlier this month they released a rough mix of 2 pummeling new songs titled "Kill Sea Otter" and "The Old Monk's Odyssey." And then last night they released the grinding beast titled "Extra-Terrestrial Bootlegger."

One of the heaviest and most promising metal bands emerging from the UAE. Billy Bob's Blood Drenched Brew play a progressive blend of brutal death metal that's perfectly suited for them; called "Brew Metal."

The band will be supporting German progressive death metal heavyweights Obscura on their upcoming show in Dubai on September 23rd with Bahrain's Smouldering In Forgotten and Lunacyst. You seriously can't miss it! [Click here to visit the event's official page]

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The band just! Uploaded another new song that will chokeslam into a coma! Titled "Timepass Membrane."

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