CARNIFEX - Until I Feel Nothing [Review]

Genre: Deathcore

Label: Victory Records

Release-date: October 25th, 2011

Reviewer: IRoar

I literally just got my promo invite to listen to the new Carnifex album "Until I Feel Nothing" (out October 25th via Victory Records).
My first impression would be; the band continues their inhuman assault of death metal shredding, concrete crushing blend of slamming deathcore.

Deathcore is now a genre that has quickly over-saturated with countless numbers of bands, simply rehashing one another. So is the case with any genre that earns wide popularity.

There's a few deathcore bands that many extreme metal purists would still agree on; such as All Shall Perish, Job For A Cowboy, The Black Dhalia Murder and you guessed it, Carnifex. Mainly, because they still manage to keep it fresh and interesting. Carnifex enjoy throwing in a bludgeoning breakdown in every other song, which doesn't take away from the sheer brutality of the overall sound for the most part. But the only issue would be that no matter what you do, the formula will eventually grow stale after say the 4th or 5th track into the album.

On "Until I Feel Nothing," the band refines their sound; continuing what they set out to do with 2010's "Hell Choose Me" and that's to inflict the most brutally crushing death metal slams.

Carnifex are all about being as brutal as a deathcore band can be. There's no doubt they deliver the goods. Much like in the same vein as Job For A Cowboy, infusing breakdowns with machine gun death metal riffs, blast beats and the signature 3s of extreme metal vocals (highs, lows and pig squeals).

One of the highest points on "Until I Feel Nothing" is definitely album closer "Curse My Name." Starting off with an atmospheric opener, only to give way to demonically charged highs from vocalist Scott Lewis. "Curse My Name," brings on a variety of extreme metal technicality and melody. While also managing to blend-in a big breakdown to accompany the song's sludge-filled vibe.

All around, I definitely enjoyed "Until I Feel Nothing." And would surely recommend it to any extreme metal enthusiast, alright with some deathcore (read: breakdowns) in their metal.

Recommended tracks: Curse My Name, Wretched Entropy, We Spoke of Lies.

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