AGAINST EMPIRE's 'Thieves and Leeches' Now Streaming on Gunshy Assassin


Crusty anarcho-punk lifers AGAINST EMPIRE recently released their third full-length, entitled Thieves and Leeches, on venerable label Profane Existence. Fans of d-beat, metalpunk, and brainy anarcho-crust like AUS ROTTEN, BORN/DEAD, and DOGSHOLYLIFE (with whom AE share several members), get stoked!
Based in LA and known for their furious take on d-beaten punk rock (as well as a stream of wicked 7"s, full-lengths, and a recent split with blackened crust terrors ISKRA), AGAINST EMPIRE have joined forced with Gunshy Assassin to unleash Thieves and Leeches' politicized power upon the masses. Listen to the album in full at this location:

Thieves and Leeches includes seven new tracks (plus a CRUCIFIX cover!) and highlights AGAINST EMPIRE's knack for mixing classic 80's style hardcore with hints of more modern crust punk influences. The recording is clean but powerful, with post-production mastering handled at Jack Control's Enormous Door Studios. Pick up a copy here:

AGAINST EMPIRE - Thieves and Leeches

Side A
1. Thieves and Leeches
2. Dawn of the Century
3. Live for Yourself
4. What If Tomorrow Never Comes

Side B
5. Deaf Leading the Blind
6. Wordsmiths
7. Another Mouth to Feed
8. Angel Tears

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