BILOCATE Signs Management & Booking deal with Flaming Arts Agency


Jordanian Dark Oriental Metallers BILOCATE recently inked a deal with Flaming Arts Agency (Behemoth, Novembers doom, Blood Red Throne, Hate, Hecate Enthroned...and more) as their official management and booking agency (worldwide) handling all band affairs in the music industry and to be the sole representative for all matters related to Bilocate affairs.

As Bilocate frontman and vocalist Ramzi Essayed commented on the deal "We've been in touch with them over the past years, and they've been always professional, helpful, and supportive and as we stand in a good relationship it's about time we take this a bit further therefore we’re very excited for this deal as it’s definitely another successful step in Bilocate's musical career"

The Flaming Arts Agency is a music management, booking and development company who represents and consults bands and musicians of extreme Metal. Founded in 2002 by Vadim Khomich the company started out as booking in the Russian states and quickly grew to the biggest booking agency in Russia for extreme music booking bands such as Papa Roach, Behemoth, Ill Nino, Cannibal Corpse, Chimaira, Sepultura, Within Temptation, Vader, Dismember, Dying Fetus, Cradle Of Filth, The Cult, Testament, Devil Driver and many more.

Following the success of the Russian territory, the company quickly grew worldwide and now book in UK, Western Europe, Asia and USA. Now fully fledged into management, booking and artist development the agency is one of the most reputable in Europe offering three different services for the extreme metal scene.

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