NADER SADEK Recommends His Top Extreme Metal Songs

[Left: Nader Sadek, Right: Rune Eriksen]

Heavy metal and art have always found themselves at crossroads, since heavy metal tends to be very expressive, it lends a hand to a darker side of creativity.

Nader Sadek last year released his debut full length album titled "In The Flesh" that's been receiving extremely positive reviews and great reception from fans. The album's conceptual theme centers around man's obsession with oil, and how we're basically enslaving ourselves to a substance originating from dead animals and vegetation.

To help bring his vision to fruition, Nader Sadek brought in an array of musicians to help him pump this steam roller of an album into full speed. The album features Steve Tucker (EX-Morbid Angel), Flo Mounier (Cryptopsy), and Rune Eriksen (aka Blasphemer of Mayhem), as well as guest spots by notable artists such as; Attila Csihar, Travis Ryan, Tony Norman, Mike Lerner, Nick McMaster, and Destructhor.

Nader Sadek is also a highly reputed visual artist. Some of his most popular and visually striking stage settings and costumes were acquired by the likes of black metal heavy weights Mayhem and drone icons Sun O))).

Since we're a middle eastern based blog, Nader Sadek ranks up high with us for his various achievements on the international metal scene. And with that we thought it would be awesome to get his personal recommendations for his top extreme metal songs.

Make sure to visit the official Nader Sadek website at: for more information on how to order a copy of "In The Flesh."

[Ed note: There was also one more song that Nader really wanted to include on the list but unfortunately it was not available anywhere online for free streaming. The song is by Internecine and is called Hallowed Guidance. You can preview the track here.]

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